Thursday, October 17, 2013

@JamawiJaafar Optimis Menang Undi Popular #JJ4NKPUM

KOTA KINABALU: Tenom Umno Youth Division chief Jamawi Jaafar is keeping his fingers crossed on his chances in the tight race for the number two post of the national youth wing.

Being tied on 73-73 vote with closest rival Khairul Azwan Harun, he is however confident that he has the edge.

“We are expected to know our fate after Hari Raya Aidiladha and it would be based on the popular votes amongst Umno Youth members nationwide. It was a decision by the UMNO Election Committee (UEC), and I accept it without any protest.

“I am confident and believe that the popular votes are at my advantage, but anything can happen, so I will continue to keep my fingers crossed for now,” he said when contacted, yesterday.

Unlike Jamawi, his opponent’s proposer Mohamad Annuar Ariffin sent a letter on Monday to protest the results announced by the UEC the day before, stressing that the tie vote was irrelevant as Khairul had received more votes before the announcement was made.

The letter stated that based on the war room report, Khairul had received more than 73 votes, and that they have proof as the candidate representatives for the divisions could vouch for it.

About 230,000 delegates of Malaysia’s largest political party went to the polls on Saturday, electing the leaders in their respective wings at divisional and national levels.

Urging the EUC to examine the letter, Mohammad Annuar said they disagreed with the decision to base the result on popular vote as it was not fair to Khairul as he already had the majority.

Meanwhile, describing himself as a newbie in politics and Umno, Jamawi said the tie result actually came as a surprise.

“Umno Youth has just been in Sabah for 23 years, and as a kampung (village) boy, I believe I faced great contenders for the post. I did not expect to get so many votes and support from the Umno Youth members in West Malaysia, but I am honoured with their trust in me.

“I also know that not everyone voted for me, in fact, a few divisions in Sabah did not vote for me, but it is not a manifestation that they do not support me. I believe, if given the chance, I would meet up with them and invite them to join me in my struggle to further strengthen BN in Sabah and Malaysia.

“If I win, I will not waste the votes of confidence given to me. I will work hard not just for the party, but also ensure that young voters return to Barisan Nasional in the 14th general election,” vowed Jamawi, adding that for a start, he would assist the BN candidate in the Sungai Limau by-election in Kedah.

Apart from this, Jamawi, a Murut from Tenom, also wants to create a bridge between youths and the government, so their needs and grouses are heard.

“It was a four-cornered fight which I believe was a battle between brothers as they were times when we were all at the same place campaigning at the same time. What I really want to do is to build that bridge between the youths and the government, so together, we all can progress and that their voices and needs are heard.

“I want to further strengthen our hold in the state, and I believe, if we can gain the youths’ trust back, we will have no problem retaining victory for BN in the next general election,” he said.

Having said that, Jamawi said with or without the Umno Youth vice chief post, he would still continue to serve the party.

“I joined the party for the struggle. Winning a post would be a bonus, but I want people to know that my intentions and dedications are pure and sincere. Our struggle is to strengthen the ruling government’s hold in the country, and I believe we all can do it with or without a post in the party,” he said.

EUC chairman Tan Sri Tajol Rosli Ghazali on Sunday said a decision on the tie between Jamawi and Khairul would be made based on the number of popular votes garnered by the duo from only 190 out of 191 divisions.

Votes casted at the Pensiangan division, however, will not be included in the count for popular votes due to technical difficulties that happened during balloting in that particular division.

HE : Ada pulak memandai2 lebih daripada orang yang uruskan undi...dah ditetapkan seri 73 sama...boleh pulak kata 76 nak menangkan Khairul Harun....

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