Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Penyingkiran Muhyiddin Tindakan Tepat Sebelum Merosakkan Barisan Nasional!!!

Just when you have a player in your football team who strikes your own goal post too often, what is the best thing that your captain should do? Track records have shown that your team has been leading every year in the league eventhough there are certain games that you loose but you are still leading. As part of the team, you are also given a choice either to keep on loosing in every tournament because of him or you are determined to win in the next game?

This is what is happening to UMNO and Barisan Nasional, when one of the main player is shooting to his own goal post and continously shooting. Whatever his intentions are, without realising he is sinking the ship deeper and deeper.

Muhyiddin is seen to go against his boss publicly even during his tenure as the Deputy Prime Minister. One of the obvious event is when he regarded GST implementation as a mistake and a burden to the rakyat. He even went against his boss’s decision to raise the long due taxi fares when ignoring the operational costs hike that affected taxi operators and drivers income.

When Muhyiddin was replaced by Dato Zahid Hamidi, perhaps out of frustrations and resentful of his boss’s decision, Muhyiddin made a pact with a new boss, Dr Mahathir who has been criticising Prime Minister Najib Razak on issues with obvious personal interests and fictitious stories.

Muhyiddin started his road-tour to demonise Prime Minister Najib Razak since UMNO’s annual meeting across the country and in his recent program organised by Sinar Harian in Johor Baharu, he explicitly chose 1MDB to mislead the audience with hearsays informations.

1MDB CEO Arul Kanda was said to present nothing but just a 10 to 15 minutes talks in a briefing to the Cabinet Ministers. This is truly untrue. How could a strategic review, including asset sales and debt repayments presentation done within that few minutes? Infact during the presentation, there were QnA
session that lasted for about 45 minutes.

Prior to Arul’s presentation, auditor Deloitte has presented their reports. Infact in the same meeting, the cabinet has decided to appoint an independent third party that is the Auditor-General to submit their findings to PAC. Regrettably, Muhyiddin chooses to skip these out.

Muhyiddin lied when mentioned that 1MDB has borrowed USD2 billion from Ananda Krishnan. The Powertek Investment Holdings (PIH) purchase agreement stated that Tanjong PLC needed to resubcribe its equity in PIH worth RM2 billion and its profits are needed to repay Maybank and RHB loans. Muhyiddin may not be knowledgable on the transaction but since his interest is to find faults, therefore Tony Pua’s and Sarawak Report’s are his best references.

The RM90 million capital injection to 1MDB was twisted when the cabinets has agreed to a ‘standby credit’ which is similar to a short-term loan. Muhyiddin mislead the audience when a short-term loan is entirely different from capital injection.

If anyone could still remember Muhyiddin once claimed that he has no idea on 1MDB and the issue was never tabled in any cabinet meetings. By exposing that the cabinet has rejected 1MDB’s second application of RM3 billion in a meeting but was only approved for RM950 millions, carelessly he has admitted that the issue was tabled in the cabinet meeting and done in a very transparent manner. All decisions were achieved with consensus from cabinet members.

Can we trust Muhyiddin for his previous claims and the impression given that as though 1MDB is Prime Minister Najib Razak’s exclusive brainchild.

Perhaps Muhyiddin need to be reminded of his own brainchild failure, Amanah Saham Johor and Dana Johor before cynically suggesting that 1MDB has the tendency to burdened future generations. Does Muhyiddin has the answer why Dana Johor is a total failure and didn’t he realise that he is the chief minister responsible to introduce the scheme? Until today, the poor from villagers has to incur debts when they trusted his empty promises. It seems Muhyiddin is conveniently forgetting them.

Too many damages done and Barisan Nasional need not sink further by this number 2 leader. This is the best time for other team members to stand firm with the captain should he decides to put such a ‘pain in the neck’ to end before situation worsens.–


Anonymous said...

To me, Muhyiddin is like a pile of dog shit.

All grey and black and blue-ish and STINKS!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. ko dh ketinggalan zamanlah, rakyat bkn bodo mcm admin, ni lah akibatnya kalau terlalu byk mkn dedak, otak pn beku

Anonymous said...

Madey pernah kata dia akan buang orang yang tak suka dia!padan muka buang saja tikus dalam kabinet tu...

Anonymous said...

bn rosak sbb najib daa..walau tsmy disingkir bn tetap rosak... tak tentu pasal rakyat sama2 bayar hutang...

Anonymous said...

Tunggulah pilihanraya akan datang.......Muka muka yang memangkah BN akan beralih memangkah PAS. ...Percayalah....pembangkang yang akan Berjaya adalah PAS...bukan PKR atau DAP.

Bangsa Johor sudah muak dengan alasan alasan yang tidak menusabah. Tunggu dan lihat .....

Anonymous said...

ampu tetap ampu

Anonymous said...

Semua ini berlaku kerana penyingkiran tergesa-gesa yang dibuat terhadap Muhyiddin dan Shafie. Kenapa tidak dibawa keduanya untuk bertemu dan berbincang hati kehati? Memang wajar dia mempersoal, tetapi kenapa reaksi defensif yang diberi padanya?? Hormatlah dia seorang veteran UMNO yang sudah pasti telah memberi jasa kepada kejayaan UMNO selama ini> Memang dasar orang melayu tidak tahu berdiplomasi sesama bangsa! mudah "membunuh" bangsa sendiri, tetapi tiad kemampuan berdepan dengan kafir aatu bangsa lain!!! Macam mana aku nak teruskan sokongan kepada UMNO kalau begini cara menangani isu???



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