Tuesday, June 27, 2017

@ZaidIbrahim Dicemuh @VellPaari Gara-Gara Kritik Pilot Penerbangan PERTH > KL..

*Press Statement*
*Datuk Seri S. Vell Paari*

*_27 June 2017_*

@VellPaari : What is wrong in saying a prayer @ZaidIbrahim?

1. I refer to a recent statement made by DAP member Zaid Ibrahim who had criticized an AirAsia pilot's purported call for prayers on a Perth-Kuala Lumpur flight that suffered engine problems. *The criticism by Zaid Ibrahim is irresponsible and unbecoming* of a former Law Minister.

2. I find it amusing that Zaid Ibrahim, has made an issue out of this incident when the focus shall be on congratulating the AirAsia X pilot and his crew member for bringing home safely all the passengers of flight D7237. 

3. As a person who fly frequently to Perth once a month, during winter it is very challenging to land a plane due to low visibility and crosswinds. What the AirAsia X pilot did with only one engine and the aircraft was vibrating like a "washing machine" was nothing short of a miracle and they did an excellent job. 

4. In my opinion, Zaid Ibrahim is a lonely man and is no more relevant in the current political landscape. This is a man who have jumped parties more time than any other politician and even he was disposed of as the party president by his own party members.

5. My advice to Zaid Ibrahim, if you have nothing good to say about the Air Asia X pilot for his excellent job then just keep quiet and stop acting like an atheist. On my part I would like to congratulate the Pilot and crew for an excellent job. God bless all of you. I am sure tomorrow Zaid will criticise me for asking God to bless all of you.  

Thank You

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